Session Timeout Demo

After a set amount of time(10 seconds set for demo), a dialog is shown to the user with the option to either log out now, or stay connected. If log out now is selected, the page is redirected to a logout URL. If stay connected is selected, a keep-alive URL is requested through AJAX. If no options is selected after another set amount of time, the page is automatically redirected to a timeout URL.

            var KTSessionTimeoutDemo = function() {
                var initDemo = function() {
                        title: "Session Timeout Notification",
                        message: "Your session is about to expire.",
                        keepAliveUrl: "HOST_URL + "/api/session-timeout/keepalive.php",
                        redirUrl: "#",
                        logoutUrl: "#",
                        warnAfter: 3000, //warn after 5 seconds
                        redirAfter: 35000, //redirect after 10 secons,
                        ignoreUserActivity: true,
                        countdownMessage: "Redirecting in {timer} seconds.",
                        countdownBar: true

                return {
                    //main function to initiate the module
                    init: function() {

            jQuery(document).ready(function() {

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